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Broadband on fiber

The best Solution for your Home

Unlimited internet with speeds ranging from 512 Kbps to 4 Mbps

What is Fiber Home?

Fiber Home is an end-to-end optical fiber network to your house that delivers superior download and upload speeds than ADSL over copper network. It is also more robust and stable. With Fiber Home you can watch movies in HD, do online gaming, download larger files and more.

Key Features

1.Very fast download
Download large files in less time.

2. Enhanced reliability
Consistent and stable connectivity on fiber that provides you a high quality of  Internet experience.

3. Improved efficiency
Reliable bandwidth speeds can make many day-to-day activities run more smoothly and take full advantage of the speed subscribed to.

4. Service availability
Very low fault rate on fiber access ensures hassle-free connectivity 


Fiber Home Offers

Fiber internet home offers

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