Refill To credit your account and allows you to call, send SMS or surf on the web.
SMS Sending written text.

Select 3 numbers you call or text the most to get the best rate in town to call and text them.

Transfer/receive credit to/from someone.
    SMS games & Chat.
  Horoscope, funny jokes, fitness tips & more.
Mobile Internet Surf on Internet with your mobile.
Voicemail Voice messaging service which allows callers to leave voice messages on your mobile phone.
  Dial 170 and press CALL from your mobile phone and follow the instructions.
You will be asked to enter the default voicemail password (PIN) - press 0000.
  You can retrieve you voicemail from another TVL mobile phone, TVL fixed line or from oversea number by dialing (+678)81179.
You will be asked to dial your mobile phone number and then your code.