Refill your Account

Refill - Adding credit to your mobile phone

1. Purchase a RIFIL card from any of our partner locations throughout Vanuatu.

  • Dial 171 and Press CALL - follow the instructions OR
  • Dial *184* followed by the 14 characters of the RIFIL Card and # (e.g.*184*12345678901234#) and then press CALL. The amount of the Rifil will appear on your screen.

2. Purchase Rifil from any of our TVL stores.

3. Check your balance by dialing *183#.

4 ways to refill

1 - Rifil Cards from any TVL resellers.
2 - Over the counter on TVL retail shop.
3 - ISI Rifil: Etopup from TVL resellers.
4 - Rifil via ANZ ATM & Bred ATM.

Get free bonuses

Rifil card Credit Bonus SMS Bonus TALK Bonus validity
100vt 100vt - - -
150vt 150vt 5 5 min *1 day
500vt 500vt 10 10 min *1 day
1,000vt 1,000vt 15 15 min *1 day
2,000vt 2,000vt 25 25 min *1 day

Bonus SMS: national SMS
Bonus talk: to any TVL national numbers
Bonus applied for Rifil cards, Isi Rifil and ANZ TopUp & Bred Topup
*Bonus validity applicable till midnight on the day of refill