Refill Promo Terms and Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

TVL “End of Year Refill” promotion 2017


The “End of year Refill Promotion 2017’’ Specific terms and conditions set out in this promotion apply to TVL Mobile Prepaid Active subscribers only  

“End of Year Refill promotion 2017” is a new promotion starting on the 2nd of

October and ending 21st December 2017.

Terms & Conditions

1.  Eligibility

  1. TVL Mobile Prepay active customers only are eligible for this promotions

2.  The Offer

  1. Mobile Prepay Customers refilling their sim card via refill card or Etop up for the amount of 100vt and above shall get an entry to draw and a chance to win daily prizes, weekly prizes, monthly prizes or the mega prize.
  1.  Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Mega winners shall be awarded with prizes of the value defined in table 1 below.

Winner type

Number of winners per type

Prize Value per winner

Total winners

Daily winners




Weekly winners




Monthly winners




Mega winner




Table 1: End of year refill promotion winners

3. Conditions

  1. Customers refilling for the amounts of 100vt and above shall get entries to draw and a chance to win a daily prize, weekly prize, monthly prize and the mega prize.
  2. Customer shall recharge from Refill card and Etop up only
  3. Winners of Daily Prize will be awarded Credit or airtime.  Weekly and Monthly winners shall be awarded with cash prize or TVL products or gift from a third party shop for which the retail selling price will be up to the value provided in Table 1
  4. One mega winner will be awarded with 1,000,000VT (One million vatu) cash prize.
  5. Draws for daily and weekly prizes will be done on a weekly basis and monthly basis to determine the winners for the monthly prizes. A mega draw will be done on the 22nd December to determine the mega winner of the 1,000,000 VT cash.
  6. Draws will be done in TVL shop or any other official TVL reseller.
  7. Each refill as from 100 VT or any value above can provide multiple entries to the draw.
    1. 100Vt refill will provide 1 entry only
    2. 500Vt refill will provide 4 entries only
    3. 1000vt refill will provide 8 entries only
    4. 2000vt refill will provide 12 entries only
  8. Customers winning daily, weekly and monthly prizes shall also keep their entries for the Mega draw as well.

4. Restrictions

  1. TVL staff are not eligible to the promotion and will not enter draw.
  2. TVL’s visitor pack users are not eligible to promotion and will not enter draw

5.  TVL Rights Reserved

  1. The terms and conditions set out herein apply only to the “End of Year Refill” promotion and cannot be used or interpreted on any other Telecom Vanuatu Limited products and services.
  2. TVL  reserves  the  right  to  change  the  terms  and  conditions  of  this promotion at any time and may only make these terms and conditions available to the customer under circumstances that warrant the disclosure of these terms and conditions. Any changes must be approved by the TVL Sales and Head of Marketing and the Regulator