Mobile Internet

Become more alive with internet on your mobile

Stay connected even when you are on the move with our mobile internet packages. All of our mobile internet packages include our free FB offer*. Check your emails,, view pictures from last night’s party on Facebook, watch the latest viral video on YouTube, get directions to the new restaurant with Google Maps, chat with your friends for as low as 50 VT per day!

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What is Mobile Internet?

Mobile internet lets you enjoy internet on your TVL mobile (Prepay or Postpay). Your phone needs to be EDGE, 3G, 3G+ or 4G.

How to activate Mobile Internet on your TVL Post Pay mobile?

To subscribe, visit your nearest TVL shop, fill in an application form and your request will be processed. You can also call 081111 for more details Choose the Internet package that suits your needs.

How to get your Prepay mobile ready for mobile internet?

  • You need to have at least 50 VT credit or has subscribed to a mobile internet package
  • You should switch on the mobile data in your mobile settings
  • In case you are not able to connect to the internet, verify the network setting in your mobile phone. The access point name should be set as

Prepaid packages

prepaid packages

Conditions of Prepaid packages

  • Free data can be used between 00:00 to 6:00 am everyday
  • To buy the package, text the keyword by SMS to 183, for example to buy the daily 50 MB package, text < buy 50> to 183
  • You can also buy on the USSD menu, dial *183# and choose option 3 and then select your package
  • Excess data outside your package will be charge at 11 VT/ MB

Free Facebook

Free Facebook is included only in some WAO Internet packages. Unlimited Facebook means you can connect either to your Facebook App or on your smartphone.

Click here to view to view the terms and condition for prepay mobile internet