Get started


Insert your TVL SIM card into your mobile phone. (Read the instructions contained in the user guide supplied with your new mobile phone).

Turn on you mobile phone.

When the TVL network appears on your screen of your mobile phone:

Postpaid Customers -

you can now make your first call.

Prepaid Customers -

Dial 171 and press CALL to activate your account - follow the instructions.

SET UP LANGUAGE: English/French/Bislama

Dial 171 and then press the call button. Select option 4 and follow the instructions.


  1. Dial 171 and then press the call button.
    Select option 2.
  2. Dial *183# and then press the call button. Menu will appear on your screen. Select 1 and send - your balance and validity date will be displayed.
TVL Services  
RIFIL To credit your account and allows you to call, send SMS or surf on the web
SMS  Sending and receiving written text 
VOICEMAIL  Voice messaging service
BESFREN  Call 3 most frequently called numbers at best call and SMS rate in town 
MI2YU  Transfer credit to someone 
MOBILE INTERNET  Surf on the internet with your mobile 


Numbers to remember  
*183# Prepaid Mobile Account Services
*184*scratched number# Refill account
170 Voicemail
171 Rifil/Balance/Phone number/Language
181 Besfren
*100# Mi2Yu portal