ADSL Home  from TVL is a great way to stay connected. For just 5950 VT*/month - VAT inc., your entire household gets access to high-speed internet

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Key Features

  • a fixed monthly fee for your budget control.
  • free emails of type
  • reliability and quality of service technical support one stop shop for your internet access, line and router
  • installation on your premises
  • a scalable connection with our ADSL plans that go up to 4 Mbps
ADSL home tariffs


If you want to connect more than 1 PC/laptop you will need additional equipment such as a 4 port switch. This will allow you to connect your extra PC/laptops to your single ADSL connection via Wi-Fi or cable. The costs are listed below.


An ADSL2+ WiFi modem will be provided for Free as the equipment to connect your terminals. You can connect up to four PC’s or Laptops on Ethernet LAN ports as well as use Wi-Fi to connect other devices.

Download the user guide for the Netcomm Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Modem .


Visit the nearest TVL shop to subscribe to ADSL offer.