ADSL Home  from TVL is a great way to stay connected. For just 5950 VT*/month - VAT inc., your entire household gets access to high-speed internet

ADSL Graphic


Key Features

  • a fixed monthly fee for your budget control.
  • free emails of type
  • reliability and quality of service technical support one stop shop for your internet access, line and router
  • installation on your premises
  • a scalable connection with our ADSL plans that go up to 4 Mbps
ADSL home tariffs


If you want to connect more than 1 PC/laptop you will need additional equipment such as a 4 port switch. This will allow you to connect your extra PC/laptops to your single ADSL connection via Wi-Fi or cable. The costs are listed below.

Equipment Price

An ADSL2+ WiFi modem will be provided as the equipment to connect your terminals. You can connect up to four PC’s or Laptops on Ethernet LAN ports as well as use Wi-Fi to connect other devices.

Download the user guide for the Netcomm Wireless N300 ADSL2+ Modem .

7,900 VAT inclusive


Visit the nearest TVL shop to subscribe to ADSL offer.