About 4GPlus

4G+ is the technology TVL is introducing which is the next generation of 4G or LTE; it provides increased data throughputs for better user experience.  TVL is the first to bring the 4G+ network to Vanuatu and offers the largest network coverage. It works through carrier aggregation, which allows 4G+ phones to receive data from multiple carriers .

The 4G+ technology allows you to take advantage of faster and rich internet experience 
• Data-intensive business applications;
• Real-time video conferencing and collaboration;
• Access rich content and multimedia applications e.g: Movies, HD videos, e-learning, HD content and more;
• Multiple downloads of heavy files, high definition multimedia content at the same time;
• Seamless online streaming; 
• High definition online gaming and video calls


1. What is the difference between a 3G and 4G+
In a word – Speed. TVL 4G+ provides ultra-fast speed and this means you can do more in less time. 4G+ provides up to 10 times faster speed than 3G, making it suitable for all type of high-speed applications and services. 

2. Which areas is TVL 4G+ available? 
TVL has launched the largest 4G+ network in Vanuatu. It covers Efate island, Luganville Santo, Malo island, Lakatoro in Malekula, Lenakel and the eastern Tanna and Melsisi in Pentecost 

3. What are the speeds a 4G+ user can experience on TVL 4G+ Network? 
In an ideal condition the maximum downlink peak throughputs of up to 150 Mbps and uplink peak throughputs of up to 100 Mbps. However, typical download speed can go up to 30 Mbps. Speed will vary depending on various factors such as  the User device and its capability, number of active users on the 4G+ network, and servers from which the content is being accessed.

4. How can I get 4G+ / 4G services activated? 
It is very easy. You need a 4G+/4G capable device and Sim card and you need to be in the 4G+ coverage area. You will need to subscribe to a data plan. Visit any TVL shop to make the change. If you are using a 4G compatible device, you will get the experience of 4G speed and if you are using a 4G+ compatible device you will get the experience of 4G+ speed. 

5. Is 4G+ available to both Prepay & Post-pay users? 
Yes,  it will be available for both prepay and postpaid users, given they have a 4G/4G+ device, 4G+ sim card, subscribed to a data plan and have access to the 4G+ network. 

6. Which devices support 4G & 4G+?
4G compatible devices are: Samsung J1 Prime, Samsung J2 Prime, Samsung J5 Prime, Lenovo A2010, Lenovo A2016, Motorola G4, Motorola G5, Motorola E5 Plus, Alcatel U3 LTE. Alcatel U5 LTE, Alcatel A5, Alcatel Zone link Mifi, Huawei Mifi E5573s, Huawei Router B315.

4G+ Compatible devices are: Samsung S8 & S8+ and some other devices from Alcatel, Huawei and ZTE.

7. What happens when I move outside a 4G+ coverage Area?
When you move outside 4G+ coverage area, your phone will seamlessly move to our 3G+ network layer and you will continue using the phone. For this to happen your 4G/4G+ device needs to be in auto network mode for seamless transfer across networks

8.  How can I tell if I am connected to 4G+ or 3G network?
When you are connected to 4G+ network, you will see 4G+ / LTE+sign on top of your device, if you are connect to a 3G network, you will see H/E or 3G

9.  Is 4G+ going to use my data faster?
Yes, since 4G+ delivers high speed internet for better experience, logically your data will be consumed more faster as well. 

10.  What are the steps to configure mobile internet on my device?
a. Turn on Mobile internet on Mobile network 
b. If APN is not automatically configured, Set the APN to tvlweb.net.vu for Mobile and for Broadband (mifi) to ltebbd.net.vu
c. Subscribe to a Data Plan 
11.  How to ensure I do not pay for data usage outside my subscribed plan?
To block data consumption outside your subscribed plan, Text “block” to 183. To Unblock text “unblock” to 183